Is it any wonder...?


...that kids today are experiencing with dieting and overexercising more than ever before? I don't actually have any statistics to prove it, but I would say say it's a pretty educated guess--because I'm educated, and I'm guessing. It is said that the same-sex parent has the most influence on a kid in regards to their eating habits and how they view their body (there actually IS a study to back that up, you'll just have to ask Siri to find it for ya). Looking around in my community, I see a lot of moms searching for the next best cleanse, the next diet to fix their "problem areas," the next pill, the next workout, the I also see a lot of dads who are so overwhelmed with their job, or life, or paying the mortgage, that they don't put their foot down when their wife is on the never-ending search for that one thing that will finally make her thin and beautiful and loved. From what I can see, it's easier for those husbands to just say "Yes, hon. Whatever makes you happy." and let them continue in their ways. So, as a result, we've got households that have ever-changing menus: Eat this, not that. This-free, that-free. Clean vs. processed. Right ,wrong, good, bad, healthy, unhealthy......and the rules are EVER CHANGING. When the mom's the one planning the meals and buying food for lunches, and the mom is the one who is looking for satisfaction and fulfillment in what she puts in her mouth, is it any wonder that we are raising a generation of kiddos that don't know what they are supposed to eat?

I've lived this, I know. I was THAT mom. I looked for that one way of eating that would fix my shape and change my weight. I removed, added to, and changed the food that ended up on our table more times than I want to admit. One period of time, my kids were "allowed" certain things. Then, before too long, those same foods were off-limits. Confusion and frustration followed, and they began to roll their eyes every time mom had a "new plan" for eating. My husband, too, didn't like it. But he believed the saying, "Happy wife means happy life." So, his default was to go along with it, knowing that if this diet made me happy, then everyone would benefit. Looking back--I now know that I was searching alright. I was searching for the magic way of eating that would finally fulfill me. BUT, God's Word tells us that "The thief (Satan) comes only to steal, kill, and destroy, but I (Jesus) have come to give life abundantly."

Living with all kinds of food and exercise rules wasn't living. It was stealing and killing and destroying me. It took the joy I would have normally had for my family, and turned me into a warden--overseeing everything that went on inside the walls of the prison I had built. I wasn't able to love, to serve, and to give in the ways God had purposed for me.

Have you established a set of "rules" for your family in regards to food? Does it change regularly, depending on the latest greatest fill-in-the-blank? The next generation NEEDS to see moms who are more concerned with loving and serving others, than they are with nutrition facts and ingredients. They NEED to see dads step up and lead. Will you help to change the next generation? Go today and "eat in plenty and be satisfied and praise the name of the Lord your God." Joel 2:26

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