Freedom from:
  • Eating disorders
  • Body Image obsession
  • Approval from others
  • Shame
  • Insecurities
  • Lies of the enemy
  • People pleasing
  • Misplaced Identity
  • Fears

Trusting God:
  • is enough
  • satisfies our souls
  • is the one who gives us value
  • already approves of us
  • is faithful to never leave us


"Johnna commands an audience with her fresh and loving spirit. Her amazing heart for teens and women is evident in her passion and message. When Johnna speaks to a room, it's as if she's having coffee with just you...looking you straight in the eye, sharing wisdom and giggling. Her unique approach to difficult subjects leaves each person with the challenge of growth. Johnna is a faithful, loving, kind, and humble servant who shares spiritual truth."
~ Danyele Easterhaus, Executive Director, Student Impact of Westfield, Westfield, IN ~

“Johnna is captivating, enthusiastic and speaks from the heart. Her authenticity directly impacts the hearts of ladies of all ages regarding relevant issues that are difficult to talk about. Her faiths shines through and guides others toward Jesus.”
~ Teresa DeVaul, iblush.org ~

"Johnna's energy and enthusiasm for life are contagious to all those around her. Her vivacious personality is engaging, and her love for the Lord is evident. She is a dynamic presenter and leads with authority. Spend time with Johnna and you will be motivated and inspired."
~ Pattie Wolfe, Director of Children's Discipleship, Harvest Bible Chapel North Indy ~

"I have seen Johnna speak to various audiences on a number of occasions. Her personal story coupled with a passion to share that freedom with others makes her one of the most engaging and inspiring presenters I have ever seen. Teens, college students and adults alike will greatly benefit from her challenging yet encouraging words."
~ Andy Dalton, CEO, My Mobile Fans ~

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