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It's the beginning of a new month. My favorite month, actually. My birthday is in May, Mother's Day is in May, and my middle name is May. I feel like May is when we can officially say goodbye to the long Indiana winter, & hello to green grass & bright colored flowers. It's also May Day. I actually don't even know what the official definition of May Day is, but I have great memories of it from my childhood. Somehow, my best friend--Aaron-- and I were told that May 1 was a day when you left flowers on someone's doorstep. So, year after year we would steal tulips from his mom's garden in the back of his house, run around to the front, leave them on the front step, ring the door bell and run away. We waited around the corner to watch his mom answer the door, finding no one, but being elated to see her stolen tulips lying there. We then repeated it 3 houses down with my parents. EVERY time, my mom responded with the same great joy. EVERY time, she acted as if she had NO idea who would have dropped those at her doorstep. And EVERY year, on May 1, I call her to tell her I'm thinking of her and Aaron.

As I was sitting with the Lord this morning, He gave me a word: AMBASSADOR. It's funny, because that's not the first time I've heard that word this week. I had posted a picture of my new business cards on social media, laughing about the fact that I don't really need business cards because I don't have a job, don't have a title, or, for that matter, I don't have any reason to have business cards (other than to save myself 9 seconds when having to give my phone number to someone). But, hey, I had a free coupon from Vistaprint, so what the heck--the bigger question was why WOULDN'T I have business cards?!? Back to my point--a friend of mine commented & said, "You're an ambassador." Hmm....an ambassador....that got me thinking. As my brain kept working, trying to think of what title I actually WOULD have put on my cards, here are a few I came up with:

CHEERLEADER: yes, because everyone takes an adult woman seriously when she says she's a professional cheerleader.
COFFEE DRINKER: bc I'll meet anyone, anywhere, to talk about anything.
ENCOURAGER: is that actually a profession?
ASPIRING MMA FIGHTER: if only I weren't afraid of getting hit in the face.
OBSESSIVE BOOK COLLECTER: hoping to read, and actually doing it are, indeed, two different things. 
LIFE-GIVER: pretty sure that Jesus is the only one that gets to use that title.
So......basically....I came up with nothing. But when my study this morning led me to 2 Corinithians 5:20, and I read the words, "We are ambassadors for Christ," that word stood out to me again.

am·bas·sa·dor \am-ˈba-sə-dər, əm-, im-, -ˌdȯr, -ˈbas-dər\
: the highest-ranking person who represents his or her own
government while living in another country

I'M AN AMBASSADOR PEOPLE! I represent the Lord! 
I am considered an heir with Christ ("the highest-ranking")
representing my government (God)
while living in another country (this earth instead of my eternal home of heaven)

I now have a title that I would put on my business cards---iiiiif it wouldn't cost me to reorder them. Oh well, I know that I don't need a cute little pink card that says "Johnna Myers--Ambassador for Christ" in order to do my job. I didn't need anyone to tell me how to give joy to my mom by leaving her flowers on May Day, and I don't need a job to pray for a friend. I'll continue cheering people on, encouraging them, meeting them at Starbucks, maybe learn to do some fighting in the ring, and I will --most definitey--continue to point people to the cross of Christ, where HE can give them life abundantly. Happy May Day y'all!

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