Let your handshake do the talking....



...Ever shook someone's hand and it felt like you were shaking a plastic baggie full of mashed potatoes? It's like, "Hey, could you care enough in the moment to actually use some hand and wrist muscles for this?" My family was taught that a firm handshake was the ONLY handshake. Anything less was unacceptable. It says respect. It says confidence. It says, "I mean business."

I was reminded of the importance of it this week when I was job shadowing at a local salon. Now people, this isn't just ANY salon. It's internationally recognized, nationally acclaimed, and is one of the most profitable salons in the country. As I was making my way around, introducing myself to the designers, I shook the hand of this beautiful lady named Tonya. She said, "I like your handshake!" Come to find out, she is one of the owners of the salon! Now, my goal at this stage in life is not to please others, but I gotta say, it was kinda nice to know that I had impressed the owner. The next day, I was at a meeting there, and I introduced myself to Tonya's husband (the other owner), knowing who he was. His response....."Wow! I really like your handshake!" Again, not striving to impress everyone, but if I have any desire to work with this salon, I would want to know that I made a good first impression.

So, as you can imagine, the girls hated the dinner conversation, as I instructed them with this lesson of the day: a person can decide what they think about you in about the first 30 seconds they meet you. And so it should start with a "tight wrist, good grip, look in the eyes and say 'Nice to meet you'" firm handshake. If there's not quality conversation after that.....well, at least they can't compare you to a baggie of mashed potatoes.

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