Change is good....


The Lord's mercies are new and so is my website!  I am forever grateful for LiaAnn of Vangellis Design(s) for her steadfastness and patience.  I changed, stalled out, edited again, quit working, and then finally got her all the information she needed to create this beautiful baby (It wasn't exactly like giving birth, but I sure could've used an epidural during a period of writer's block).  Although my last site was fine, I knew God had a bigger path for me to walk.  And a clean, easy-to-read website was just the fresh start I needed.

Why have a blog in a blog-saturated society, you ask?  Well, we all have different voices in our own little parts of the world.  We each have a story that God has written that we are called to share. I just happen to enjoy sharing mine though writing and speaking, and I want to help others find the same freedom God has given me.  I encourage you---know your story, and speak your voice.

God has given me so many things to write about lately, and I can't wait to share them.  In the meantime, check out MY STORY, take a read at an old post or two, or subscribe to my blog.  Oh, and don't forget to like my Facebook page!
To new beginnings, fresh starts, and a new web design..... CHEERS!

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